Employment at J Gordon & Company Inc

The system experts

J Gordon & Company Inc. of Maryland is an equal opportunity employer and is currently looking for skilled experienced craftsmen to complement our present staff. Applicants should have at least four years experience in the marine trades industry, knowledge of shipboard systems or have a transferable skill set to become an apprentice to assist our technicians.

J Gordon & Co is a systems-oriented company; our focus is on all-yacht systems. We are dealers and distributors for many marine equipment companies, offering a different challenge every day.

We are a company that believes in customer service, so applicants should possess good communication skills and a desire to work well with others. This is a rapid-advancement opportunity for anyone with skills in yacht and boat service, installation, and restorations, etc.

For a confidential interview, contact 410.263.0054 or email jgordonco@aol.com

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