Painting and Fiberglassing

Fiberglass repairs

J Gordon & Co can make any fiberglass repair that you may need:

  • Whether it is glassing in a shelf or glassing in the mount to an autopilot.
  • Minor repairs from small accidents to major repairs from large accidents


Gelcoat repairs

  • Our skilled technicians can repair those nicks and scrapes to major damage.
  • Once we are finished you will have a hard time finding the original damage.
  • Gelcoats are tinted here in our shop to match the existing gelcoat on your boat.

Spray painting

  • We have been painting boats and parts of boats with Awlgrip and Imron for over twenty five years.
  • If your hull and stripes are getting a bit faded, then maybe it is time you had your boat painted to give it that new look.
  • We also paint parts and masts that may need a fresh look.

Painting an old windlass